Karaoke Brings People Together
There’s nothing more fun than a sing-along at a party, and karaoke was designed with that in mind.

Karaoke is a great way to break the ice at any party and grab everyone’s attention right from the start.. Combined with our disco options you’ll have a whole evening’s entertainment which will be enjoyed by all – from the youngest to the oldest guests in attendance.

We currently carry a catalogue of around 5000 songs, starting with some real classics such as Frank Sinatra, coming right up to your favorite Suid Afrikaanse Treffers.

So for your Karaoke Night SKS Entertainment would provide:

  • An experienced presenter / Dj
  • A full PA system to suit the venue and guest count, with microphones
  • DVD Player/Laptop with control facilities
  • Big screen & projector
  • Songbooks to choose your tunes from
  • Request slips and pens

We can also incorporate Karaoke with a Disco, but if you just wanted a Karaoke we could play background music while your guests arrive and in-between singers, creating and maintaining the right atmosphere.