Q: What geographical area do you serve?
A: We mainly perform events in the West Coast surrounding areas. We have performed events as far away as Aniston, Cape Town, and Clanwilliam to name but a few. We typically charge an additional fee for events over 50 kilometres from our offices in Vredenburg. The additional charge is dependent on the distance required. This charge will be included in the quote that we provide you if you have selected your venue or venue city before booking our services.

Q: Can we meet to discuss our music preferences?
  Absolutely!! As a matter of fact, we will have a personal consultation with you to discuss the details…the timing for the night, the songs e.g. First dance, Entrance song and music you’ll be looking for, what you DON’T want to be played, and how we can help make your event that much better!  Following the personal consultation, we will give you a phone call and send an email well in advance of your event to ensure nothing has changed, and if it has, to make sure we’re ready to go on the big day!

Q: Do you have professional equipment?
A: Yes. There is a difference between the sound equipment you use at home and equipment that is used during a live event. Professional equipment is made to be durable and is generally much more expensive than home stereo equipment. We use Hybrid, Pioneer, Denon, chauvet lighting, and SHURE microphones. The brands we trust are the same companies that have been providing sound and lighting for the nation’s top concert and club venues.

Q: Do You Use Contracts And Are You Insured?
A: For peace of mind, of course we use written contracts and conduct our business professionally, however we never let the rules get in the way of good business. We are fully insured and members of the South African Music Rights Organisation. We are very easy to work with, and our focus is on the celebration.

Q:How do you dress for events?
A: Your DJ will be dressed properly for your special occasion.  For weddings and corporate events typically we are in our corporate attire depending on what you prefer.

Q:Do you have backup equipment?
A: Since we know how important it is for your event to go smoothly, we do have backup equipment in the event of a malfunction.

Q:Do you have any recommendations?
A:Yes, they are available upon request.

Q: Do you provide lighting?
A: Yes, all of our entertainment packages include a basic lighting effect that will help to create a colorful atmosphere on the dance floor.

Q: What time do you arrive at an event?
A: Our DJs arrive about one hour prior to the event start time. Although our system can be set up in less than 20 minutes, we like to allow plenty of time to test all components and make adjustments for optimal sound performance at your venue. Under most circumstances, there is no additional charge for setup and tear down time. The time that you book our DJs for is 100% performance time.

Q: Do you require a deposit?
A: Yes. In order to help with our scheduling, we do require a 50% deposit upon contract signing.

Q: Am I required to include the DJ in my meal count?
No, this is not a requirement. However, at most events that we perform where meals are served the vendors (DJ, photographer, videographer, etc) are generally provided with a meal.